Pulmonary function tests are breathing tests to find out how well you move air in and out of your lungs, and how well oxygen enters your body.

Spirometry measures how much air you can breathe into your lungs and how much air you can quickly blow out of your lungs.

Lung volumes measure how much air is in your lungs after you take in a deep breath and how much air is left in your lungs after breathing out as much as you can.

Airway resistance measures how hard it is for air to flow in and out of your breathing tubes

Lung diffusion capacity measures how well the oxygen in the air you breathe into your lungs moves from your lungs into your body.

Exhaled Nitric Oxide Testing is a quick way to measure inflammation. The patient will take in a large breath and then breathe out very slowly into a tube connected to a computer.

Bronchial provocation testing (Methacholine Challenge). Spirometry, lung volumes, and airway resistance may also be performed before and after a medication called methacholine. The purpose of the medication is to determine if your airways are more sentistive than they should be due to the medication.

The Six Minute Walk Test (6MWT) measures the distance an individual is able to walk over a total of six minutes on a hard, flat surface. The goal is for the individual to walk as far as possible in six minutes. The indiividual is allowed to self-pace and rest as needed as they traverse back and forth along a marked walkway.

How to prepare for the test

Unless otherwise directed by a physician, STOP these inhalers 24 hours before testing.

Advair | Pulmicort | Flovent | Dulera | Asmanex | Serevent | Aerobid | Alvesco | Foradil | Spiriva | Qvar | Symbicort

Unless needed as a rescue or currently ill, STOP these medications 6 hours before testing:

Albuterol | ProAir | Ventolin | Maxair | Alupent | Combivent | Xopenex | Atrovent | Proventil

Continue to use Singular and reflux medications.

If possible, avoid caffeine, do not smoke, drink cola, or eat chocolate 6 hours prior to testing.

Avoid strenuuos, continuous cold air exposure and exercise for 2 hours prior to testing.

Please register 15 minutes prior to your scheduled test time in Suite 145 of the Sparrow Professional Building unless otherwise instructed.

Please do not wear any form of lipstick, including permanent lipstick/lip gloss.