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Where is your hometown?

Scottsdale, AZ

Where did you attend medical school?

Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Why did you choose the MSU/Sparrow Pediatric Residency Program?

I chose MSU/Sparrow because of how friendly and encouraging the residents/attendings and other staff are. Wherever you go residency will be challenging but at Sparrow I feel like I have a home away from home and a group of co-residents that will be there to help me during the difficult times and challenge me to step outside of my comfort zone. They truly want you to succeed and work together as a team.

I also chose MSU/Sparrow because of the X+Y curriculum. It allows me the opportunity to focus on my current rotation block, without rushing between the floor/elective and clinic. Additionally, it allows me the opportunity to take care of my health by scheduling personal doctor’s appointments or having time to work on research/QI/Advocacy projects.

I chose MSU/Sparrow because of the uplifting environment and the curriculum layout. I am grateful that Sparrow is where I matched!

What do you like most about living in Michigan?

Water and nature have always been something that helps me relax. Growing up in the desert, I really like the how green it is, and all the rivers/lakes you can see/visit. I enjoyed learning how to kayak with one of the other interns! I also really like the different environments you get (all within a few hours drive) such as the big city of Detroit, the city feels but smaller size of Lansing and the smaller town of Charlevoix Michigan.

What do you like most about living in Lansing?

I like how Lansing has a variety of activities to participate in and the big city feel without being as big as Detroit. I like how on one side you get the university environment of Michigan State University and on the other side you get the state capitol. Having grown up in a big city (Scottsdale/Phoenix) I feel like I have all the resources of a big city but the traffic of a smaller town.

What are your hobbies?

My primary hobby is spending time with friends (my co-residents) whether that is grabbing a bite together, going to a movie or kayaking. I also enjoy dancing, baton twirling, swimming, walking, kayaking and catching up with family.

What are your career goals?

I know I like following my patients over time. I am still deciding whether I want general pediatrics or pediatric oncology.