Department of Pediatrics and Human Development
College of Human Medicine


Sparrow Hospital

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Sparrow Medical Center The 35-bed Sparrow Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit admits approximately 550 infants each year. About 80% of these admissions are from the Sparrow Hospital obstetric facility, with its 4,500 annual deliveries. The remaining 20% are transported from our referral centers around the state of Michigan. A full range of ventilatory modalities is available in the NICU, including nitric oxide therapy. Pediatric residents, NNPs, and physician assistants are fully integrated in the daily routine of the NICU.

Developmental Assessment Clinic (DAC)

The DAC is a weekly clinic organized to provide coordinated follow up assessment and care for infants discharged from the NICU and considered to be at risk for residual handicap or developmental delay. Infants are followed for up to three years post-NICU discharge. In-depth assessment is provided by neonatologists, neonatal fellows, nurse coordinators, psychologists, occupational and physical therapists, and audiologists. Approximately 15 infants are seen each week.

Neonatal Transport Program

The Neonatal Transport Nurse team, with support from respiratory therapists, and EMTs, staffs the MSU-Sparrow Neonatal Transport Program, which serves the entire Mid-Michigan region. For critically ill infants, or those with complex or multiple system disorders the neonatal fellow (or neonatal nurse practitioner) accompanies the primary team.

Computerized Neonatal Database

A computerized medical record system (Medical Data Systems) is in use in the NICU and the DAC. In addition, the MSU program is part of the Vermont-Oxford Network. Access to archived data is available for fellows for research and/or quality improvement projects.