Eric Kort, MD

Assistant Professor


Eric Kort, MD, MS is an Assistant Professor with the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Department of Pediatrics and Human Development. Dr. Kort studies cardiac development and regeneration.

Education & Training

  • MS Epidemiology, Michigan State University
  • MD Human Medicine, Michigan State University

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Kort, E. J. (2016). "Patent Ductus Arteriosus in the Preterm Infant: An Update on Morbidity and Mortality." Curr Pediatr Rev 12(2): 98-105.

  • Rajasekaran, S., E. Kort, R. Hackbarth, A. T. Davis, D. Sanfilippo, R. Fitzgerald, S. Zuiderveen, A. N. Ndika, H. Beauchamp, A. Olivero and N. Hassan (2016). "Red cell transfusions as an independent risk for mortality in critically ill children." J Intensive Care 4: 2.

  • Kort, E. J., L. Croskey, T. Scibienski, S. Rajasekaran and S. Jovinge (2016). "Circulating Progenitor Cells and Childhood Cardiovascular Disease." Pediatr Cardiol 37(2): 225-231.

  • Haak, P. T., J. V. Busik, E. J. Kort, M. Tikhonenko, N. Paneth and J. H. Resau (2009). "Archived unfrozen neonatal blood spots are amenable to quantitative gene expression analysis." Neonatology 95(3): 210-216.

  • Yang, Y., E. J. Kort, N. Ebrahimi, Z. Zhang and B. T. Teh (2010). "Dual KS: Defining Gene Sets with Tissue Set Enrichment Analysis." Cancer Inform 9: 1-9.