Sparrow HospitalWith more than 900 staff physicians and more than 600 licensed beds, Sparrow Hospital is Mid-Michigan's preeminent medical facility. Our partnership with Sparrow allows our residents access to a wide array of specialty and sub-specialty units. Whether you are looking for a career in general pediatrics or pursuing a fellowship, our comprehensive program will give you the well-rounded background and experience you need to succeed.

As an MSU Pediatric Resident, you will work the following rotations:


Pediatric Inpatient Ward

  • 41 bed pediatric ward
  • 6 core general pediatrics hospitalists
  • 2500 admissions per year, average daily census is 22
    • Interns participate in the care and management of 6-10 patients per day with senior residents and attendings overseeing the education of each intern
    • The inpatient team includes 2-3 attendings, 2-3 senior residents, 4 interns and medical students assigned to the peds ward per rotation. 
    • Daily teaching rounds performed by board-certified faculty members and senior residents
    • One week of night shift per rotation for interns and seniors.

Newborn Nursery

  • 50 bed newborn nursery
  • Staffed by pediatric hospitalists
  • 3500 births per year average daily census is 20 patients
    • Residents are primary caregivers to infants on the Newborn Teaching Service
    • Over 500 newborns per year receive their follow-up care in the residency continuity clinic
    • Daily teaching rounds with attendings

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

  • 47 bed Neonatal ICU
  • 8 neonatologists and 5 MSU Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Fellows
  • 800 admissions per year, with an average daily census of 32 patients
    • Residents are primary caregivers to their assigned neonates 
    • Residents are always designated for performing procedures
    • Daily teaching rounds by neonatologists and fellows
    • Each resident has one week of night shift per rotation

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

  • 12 bed Pediatric ICU
  • 4 full time intensivists
  • 650 Yearly admissions, with an average daily census of 8 patients
    • Residents participate in the PICU by being first to the bedside for their patients, attending to traumas in the ER, responding to codes, treating child abuse victims, attending the OR with patients, and assisting with transfers to/or from other facilities or other floors within the hospital. 
    • Daily teaching rounds with a pediatric intensivist
    • Each resident in the PICU has one week of night shift per rotation.

Pediatric Emergency Room

  • Mid-Michigan’s first and only pediatric-specific emergency room
  • 5 dedicated Pediatric Emergency Medicine board-certified attendings
  • >20,000 visits per year 
  • Residents participate fully inpatient care including attending traumas/codes and performing procedures 
  • Residents have approximately 13 shifts per month and attend continuity clinic

Pediatric Subspecialty/Individual Pathways

Numerous pediatric subspecialties are available for residents to choose during elective rotation time. Pediatric Subspecialty Electives are used for the core subspecialties.  

Our residents are often the only resident on the service, meaning they spend an entire month benefiting from one-to-one teaching from the subspecialist attending. 

We also provide Individual Pathway elective slots so that your learning can be tailored to your future career goals.  Often, residents going into fellowship will opt to do a second, more-advanced subspecialty experience as one of these elective slots.  Several residents have created their own curriculum and we are open to discussing new ideas for rotations that would assist you on your pathway.

Our current electives include (but are not limited to) the following:



Developmental Pediatrics






Hospitalist Medicine


Sports Medicine



Infectious Disease



Child Abuse

General Pediatrics








Residents’ Continuity Clinics

Continuity Clinic is located at Cedar Pediatrics in the Ingham County Health Department.  We focus on medically underserved patients in Lansing and residents serve as primary care providers for their patients and provide comprehensive care for a wide range of medical issues and complexity.  Our clinic has multiple community resources and services available including a dietician and two behavioral health consultants who work in tandem with our residents to provide a medical home. 

During inpatient ward rotations, all residents have one half-day continuity clinic per week; clinic is cancelled if post-call or on nights.  

During most other blocks, all residents have two half-day continuity clinics per week. 

There is no weekly continuity clinic during ICU rotations. 

Patients are scheduled with their resident primary care provider as often as possible to encourage continuity. 

Residents have their patients referred to their panel after hospital stays, from the RNICU, or from the newborn nursery. 

Preceptors are MSU faculty general pediatricians from the MSU College of Human Medicine and the MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine. 

During a single half-day session, 1-4 residents are scheduled and each resident will generally see 3-6 patients per half day. 



Overview of Requirements for 39 4-week rotations:



MD/DO 3-Year Requirements

PGY 1 (13 4-week blocks)

  • 4-5 blocks Pediatric Ward
  • 1 block Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • 1 block Newborn Nursery
  • 1 block Emergency Medicine 
  • 1 block Ambulatory Pediatrics
  • 1 block Systems-Based Pediatrics
  • 1 block Behavioral Pediatrics
  • 2-3 blocks Pediatric Subspecialty Electives

PGY 2 (13 4-week blocks)

  • 3 blocks Pediatric Ward Senior
  • 1 block Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • 2 blocks Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
  • 1 block Emergency Medicine 
  • 1 block Adolescent Medicine
  • 3 block Pediatric Subspecialty Electives
  • 2 blocks Individual Pathway Electives

PGY 3 (13 4-week blocks)

  • 2 blocks Pediatric Ward Senior
  • 1 block Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • 1 block Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
  • 1 block Emergency Medicine
  • 1 block Newborn Nursery
  • 3 blocks Pediatric Subspecialty Electives
  • 4 blocks Individual Pathway Electives